Yet another inspirational TOBI Talks session that will address impactful issues for the digital age is around the corner: Digital Business Models, Disruption and Portfolios.

The escalating importance of digital innovation and digital transformation call attention to the opportunities and challeng...

We are glad to announce the third session of TOBI Talks: Effective, co-created and compliant adaptive case management systems for Knowledge workers: Dynamic Condition Response Graphs and the EcoKnow Research Project.

In the speech, Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt will talk about “ Grand Solution...

TOBI Talks continue with Johannes Tenschert’s speech: “Towards Aspect-Oriented BPM for Knowledge-Intensive Processes”.

In the speech, he will outline his research about how to support processes without a process model and how to combine (semi-)structured and ad-hoc work in knowledge-intensive pro...


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